Starting your radio career

How do you get into radio? I'm asked this all the time. And why not? Radio is great and you can get a job in it, too. Also, there's a considerable amount of "celebrity" linked to being on-the-air.

But, before you think about a potential switch to Radio, you should understand a few things upfront:

1. It's very competitive

2. There are fewer jobs today than ever

3. The pay is quite standard for most jobs

But, if none of that worries you, then you're off to a great start. There are three simple avenues to a job in broadcasting: a degree from a University that has a focus in Radio and/or TV, a broadcasting school, or the simple, old fashioned way: interning.

The benefit of going to college is you will gain a complete education and leave with a degree. You will also be given a wider choice of classes within and linked to the discipline of broadcasting. Of course, for this you will pay more fees.

Broadcasting schools

A broadcasting school is considerably less than the university experience but you also attain a more streamlined program. Most broadcasting schools talk about the basics and try to also enable you to get that first job. But don't be misled: these schools can be expensive.

Finally, there is the classic intern method. It's still one of the greatest ways to enter radio if you are keen on setting aside your pride to do anything at first. I know many who have started as unpaid interns and climbed up to having their own radio show.


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