How to Transfer a Private Number Plate Between Vehicles

Many people are unsure how to transfer a private number plate to another vehicle. While the process of physically transferring a plate is very simple, it’s the accompanying paperwork that gets people confused.

How It’s Done

 If you’re about to transfer a private number plate to another vehicle, here’s what you’ll need in order to get the job done correctly:

  • A V5 registration form for both vehicles
  • A valid MOT if either vehicle is older than three years
  • A transfer fee payment (in cheque) to DVLA for £80
  • A completed V317 transfer form

Once you have the V5 registration, a valid MOT (if needed), and have paid the transfer fee, you can visit the DVLA website to download the V317 form. Now just complete the details of the vehicle the plate is coming off of on the left side of the form. Then complete the right side of the form with the details of the vehicle you’re moving the plate to. Now it’s time for both owners to sign this transfer form so it and the cheque can be sent to the DVLA.

How Long It Takes

Even though the DVLA says it can take between four and six weeks to complete the transfer of a private number plate, it usually is done in about three weeks. Once it is done, you’ll get a new V5 document with the new registration on it so you can order your new number plates.

Things to Keep in Mind

To ensure the process of transferring your number plates goes smoothly, both vehicles must be:

  • Registered with the DVLA
  • Available for inspection
  • Be taxed or have been taxed within the last year and then transferred to SORN

It’s important that you know the DVLA has the right to inspect either vehicle when transferring number plates. If you receive a notice that an inspection will take place the time it takes to complete the transfer will be extended. It’s also important to know that you cannot put a private number on a “Q” registered vehicle or use a private number plate that makes the vehicle look newer than it is.

When you follow these tips, you shouldn’t run into any problems that can delay the transfer of your number plates.

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